matt donovan in 6.03 welcome to paradise

Are you telling me that you think a girl with two puncture wounds in her neck got bit by a dog? […] You’re an idiot.

"Because I’ve been attacked like that more times than I can count. I’ve had my throat ripped open. I’ve had my neck snapped, my hand smashed. I’ve drowned. I’ve died and come back to life. And I’ve lost what little family I had, and I refuse to lose anyone else." - Matt Donovan. (Season 6 - Episode 1)


matt donovan finally coming to terms with his life

"i refuse to loose anyone else. i want to protect people like you…… like us."

we all love matt donovan, otherwise he would be dead long ago.
— katherine pierce

Happy 29th Birthday Zach Roerig! (22.02.1985)

happy 29th birthday Zach Roerig!

Guess who.